The Roof Won’t Cave In on Your Lafayette, LA Home

John Theriot's Roofing puts the roof back over your head

Did a bad storm come through? Call John Theriot's Roofing to patch up any damage to your roof. During the repairs process, we communicate openly with you to let you know of any issues or roadblocks that arise.

We have a minimum charge for roof repairs – call today to learn more.

Should you repair or replace your roof?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your roof needs replacing or if you can get away with repairs. In general, follow these tips:

  • If your shingles are more than 12 years old and damaged, replace your roof. It will save you money in the long run.
  • If you have a small leak that doesn’t appear to be expanding, repair it.
  • If a few of your shingles went missing after a bad storm, those can be easily repaired.
  • If your roof is droopy or beginning to cave in, replace it.

Whether you need repairs or a full replacement, trust the professionals at John Theriot's Roofing to make your Lafayette, LA home look brand new. Call now to speak with a professional roofer.